Stephanie Freeman slashes husband’s tires during dispute

32-year-old Stephanie Freeman was jailed on November 19th for slashing her husband’s tires after an argument on Orman Drive. When police arrived, Stephanie told them that she and her husband had been arguing all day about her returning home. When she finally got home, she and her husband, Daniel Freeman, started yelling at each other, and he went outside to slash her tires. Stephanie retaliated by slashing his tires, and they both went back inside. Once inside, Daniel tried showing Stephanie something on his phone, and she took the phone from him. Daniel then grabbed Stephanie by her hair, pulled her onto the couch, and mounted her so she couldn’t escape. Police observed a cut on the inside of Stephanie’s bottom lip. Daniel advised that the two had been arguing and slashed each other’s tires but denied an assault taking place. The total amount of damages to both vehicles was less than $1,000. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman were both taken into custody.

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