Soldier Jawan Edwards went to Club Stilettos; left without a happy ending

28-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Jawan Edwards went to Club Stilettos on College Street Friday night and had a confrontation with someone in the parking lot. Edwards, who was extremely intoxicated, became loud and caught the attention of bouncer Michael Mills, who advised him to leave the property. Edwards refused and became confrontational with Mills, yelling, screaming, and attempting to fight him. Mills retrieved a baseball bat from inside the club and returned outside, and began to go back inside as things calmed down — until Edwards began following him, attempting to fight him and assuming fighting stances.

Police arrived and initially only detained Edwards as he refused to identify himself, and the bouncer didn’t want to press charges. While being detained, Edwards was given the opportunity to find a safe ride home, but he refused and became combative with police, so he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

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