Tabitha Holesha snatches husband’s keys to keep him from leaving

22-year-old Tabitha Joan Holesha had a domestic altercation with her husband, Noah Holesha, at their Donna Drive residence on the night of February 19th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Mr. Holesha, who stated that he was packing and putting his belongings in his truck to leave when she kept removing and claiming things as hers. He said she snatched his truck keys to keep him there, resulting in a cut on his finger, and then she kept going after his things, causing some to fall onto the floor. Mr. Holesha said it was at this time that he told her he was calling the police and left to wait at the neighbor’s house. Mrs. Holesha spoke with officers, initially telling them that she only tried to grab the iPad from him and that he threw her on her back. Then, she changed her story, adding that he fell on her after she tried to grab the items, claiming not to remember those details at first. She was deemed as the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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