Trent Montgomery drops pants & urinates toward woman at dog park in Clarksville

57-year-old Trent Montgomery was jailed on June 29th after walking up to a woman at a dog park and urinating in her direction. The woman told police that she was playing with her dog at the Autumn Winds Apartment’s community dog park when she saw a man wearing a dark-colored hat, black shirt, gray shorts, and a goatee. He came to the area she was at and urinated while facing her, exposing his genitals to her. She yelled at him to stop, and when he didn’t, she took pictures and videos of the incident.

She believed that the man intentionally pointed his penis in her direction while urinating, and she was extremely offended by his actions. When police arrived at the dog park, they saw a man that matched the description sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with a beer in his lap. There were multiple empty cans inside the vehicle, and he slurred as he told police that he had been there drinking for a while that day.

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