Tyisha Lyles punches boyfriend in face during drunken argument

42-year-old Tyisha Lyles was jailed on August 23rd after assaulting her boyfriend on Dupuis Drive when he wouldn’t get up to pick up one of her friends. Police spoke with Mr. Benny Bird, who stated that he was upstairs asleep in the bedroom when his girlfriend came in and woke him up, stating that they needed to pick up a friend. After being told no, Ms. Lyles reportedly began attacking him, causing several cuts on his forearm. He got up and pushed her back, which only upset her more.

Police say Ms. Lyles punched Mr. Bird in the ear, breaking his skin and causing him to bleed. She punched him in the face several times before they went downstairs and argued. According to Mr. Bird, he became so frustrated he began punching holes in the wall before waiting outside for police to arrive. A check through NCIC showed Ms. Lyles in violation of an active COR with Mr. Bird as the protected party. She also admitted to drinking alcohol, which is another violation of her COR conditions.

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