Michael Taylor indicted on two counts of rape

Michael Taylor indicted on two counts of rape

25-year-old Michael Taylor was booked in the Montgomery County Jail on May 8th after the April session of the Grand Jury indicted him on two counts of rape. The indictment alleges that on January 11, 2021, Taylor raped a now 29-year-old person.


Michael Joseph Taylor of Woodbridge Drive in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on May 8th, charged with two counts of rape. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $100,000.

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4 thoughts on “Michael Taylor indicted on two counts of rape

  1. Can we say dumbaas this stuff really goes Down like this how funny yes I know how I spelt that it wouldn’t post the right way

  2. WOW 😲

    I say u cut off Michael Taylor’s Balls & Penis ……. Shove them in his mouth then tape it shut

    Then u drive his ass 2 the Florida Everglades & feed his ass 2 the Gators

  3. Hell yeah that’s what should dang sure happen rape and pedophilia on the same level of murder or worse!!! These kind of ppl, “ugh!!!” Just disgusting excuses for human beings: “scum of the earth!!!” Castration should be required for any, and all with such convictions if ever released back into society!

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