Marquavius Kelly caught walking out of storage unit that wasn’t his

Marquavius Kelly caught walking out of storage unit that wasn’t his

19-year-old Marquavius Kelly was caught coming out of a storage unit that wasn’t his at Paradise Hill Road on March 6th. Officers found marijuana roaches and a firearm with an extended magazine on the floor. Kelly admitted that all of the items found were his. Marquavius Kelly was taken into custody and charged with unlawful carry and trespassing.


Marquavius Samuel Kelly of Summit Heights in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on March 6th, charged with unlawful carry and trespassing. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $1,000.

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One thought on “Marquavius Kelly caught walking out of storage unit that wasn’t his

  1. Yes I just wanted to state that it’s a great thing here that you guy’s do so we know what’s going on in our community I think that’s awesome honestly! But I’ve literally have seen post about people that were inaccurate and yet was not corrected, now I believe in my opinion that’s wrong because everyone looks at this site people who care about how they are view in there community already would feel ashamed having Their business plastered on this site specially for minor petty offenses let alone wrongfully mislead information. (For example) If a guy that’s in the army happen to end up indulging in a tictok dance drunk on the side walk out in his community having a good time and the state decides to lock him up for it because someone complained saying he was disturbing the peace! Should he have his charges plastered all over the internet made out to look like this hard criminal affect his career possibly receive a dishonorable discharge when actually he was just having a good time dancing doing a little tictok dance drunk? Now I’m not making this comment to start anything or nothing but I’m making this comment because I was one of those people who had a post put up about me that was not accurate but yet I was made to look like some criminal and actually I was just a young man wanting to build his life in a beautiful new city

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