DUI: Adrea Hicks caught with marijuana in glove box

27-year-old Adrea Hicks was seen speeding and failing to maintain her lane at Fort Campbell Boulevard and Cunningham Lane on December 11th. When officers conducted a traffic stop, they made contact with Hicks and observed an open container of alcohol at her feet. Hicks was then asked to give police her paperwork for the car. This was when officers noticed a bag of marijuana in the glove box as she opened it. A test was conducted on the marijuana that tested positive for THC. Officers ran Hicks through the National Crime Information Center and found that she had a suspended license with a warrant for Failing to Appear. Hicks was then asked to perform some field sobriety tests, on which she performed poorly. Hick was taken into custody and charged with simple possession, driving under the influence, open container, and driving on a suspended license on December 12th.

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