Branden Hudson chases girlfriend around vehicle during altercation

39-year-old Branden Hudson was jailed after officers responded to a domestic assault call at Dunlop Lane on January 1st. When officers arrived, they observed Hudson chasing Amanda Reynolds, his girlfriend, around her vehicle. Officers approached the situation and asked Hudson to take his hands out of his pockets and present his ID. Hudson refused to comply, so he was detained for the investigation. As officers attempted to put Hudson in handcuffs, he refused to put his hands behind his back, stating, “Do you know what I have in my hands?”.

Officers then spoke to Reynolds regarding the alleged domestic assault. Reynolds stated that while driving down Dunlop Lane, Hudson began throwing items out of the car window and at Reynolds. Reynolds then parked the car and got out of the vehicle. In response, Hudson exited the car and began chasing Reynolds around the vehicle. Reynolds then stated that Hudson shoved her multiple times. Branden Hudson was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest.

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