Bailey Sellars attacks and punches his father in argument over job training

20-year-old Bailey Sellars fought with his dad, Corey Carroll, over online training for a job on the morning of October 5th. Officers were dispatched to Kestrel Dr. regarding a domestic dispute and spoke with Sellars as they arrived. Sellars told officers that he and Carroll got into an argument over a job he was supposed to be doing, which turned physical shortly after. Officers spoke with Carroll, and he stated that he confronted Sellars about not doing his online training, telling him, “Come outside” and that he would “beat his ass.”

Officers reviewed footage from the house camera on the back porch and observed Sellars walk out, turn around, get in a fighting stance, and lunge toward Caroll, shoving him into a wall as he came outside. Caroll got up and got pushed again off the porch into the wall as he proceeded towards Sellars. Sellars can be seen on the front porch camera walking to the front as Caroll follows, and then another argument ensues. Officers observed Sellars punching Carroll numerous times in the head and body before bringing him to the ground, punching him twice via camera. Sellars was placed into custody for domestic assault.

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