Davion Dozier jailed: 9.5 zips of marijuana found during theft investigation

19-year-old Davion Dozier was booked on an outstanding warrant from April 5th when Michael Matlock reported his 2019 Nissan Sentra had been burglarized. Matlock advised that his wallet, identifying documents, and Tile Tracking device had been stolen. On August 23rd, a warrant was issued to search Dozier’s home on Montrose Drive for a burglary investigation. The search yielded Matlock’s missing items plus 256.8 grams (9.5 zips) of marijuana, a Glock 19X, a barrel to another Glock, a digital scale, and several other wallets belonging to other victims. The serial number to the barrel of the Glock was reported stolen from another vehicle burglary.

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