Patrons take keys & gun from Dustin Carter after he falls asleep drunk at a Scooter’s Pub

33-year-old Dustin Carter was Jailed on April 2nd after falling asleep while sitting at the bar at Scooters Pub and being aggressive with staff. Police responded to the pub and spoke with Jason Meadows, a customer who told police Carter fell asleep at the bar, threw up in the bathroom, and then tried to get in his car and leave. The other customers tried to get Carter an Uber ride so he could get home safely, and he became irate when they took his car keys so that he couldn’t drive himself home. Jason noticed that Carter had a Glock 19 on his hip, so he took it, emptied the chamber, and placed it in the back office. When police saw Carter, he was clearly intoxicated, with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

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