Emily Herrera kicks a nurse, bites another nurse, while escaping hospital

26-year-old Emily Herrera was jailed last week after she fought medical staff who was trying to stop her from escaping the Tennova Hospital. An officer was at Tennova ER for an unrelated call when they saw a nurse trying to stop a patient from leaving. There was a signed 6404 order for Herrera that prevents her from leaving at her own will.

RN Christa Stoler attempted to de-escalate the situation and bring Herrera back to her room. Multiple staff and the officer eventually joined in to try to stop her from leaving. She picked her legs up and kicked RN Warren Ward in the chest. While she was being lowered to the ground, she tried to punch RN Stoler in the face but didn’t make contact. She did however manage to bite RN Stoler’s forearm, breaking the skin and causing a laceration 1 inch in length. The nurse was admitted as a patient for her injuries.

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