Treyvon Johnson resists arrest, punches police officer in face

28-year-old Treyvon Johnson was jailed on November 28th after police pulled him over on College Street for having illegal tint. Police confirmed the 4% tint with the tint meter. Johnson was in the driver’s seat, appearing agitated and making furtive movements. Police asked him to exit the vehicle multiple times, and when he did, they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the car.

Johnson got back in the vehicle, so officers had to remove him and place him in cuffs. He then resisted by pulling away until he had to be taken to the ground, where he punched an officer in the face. After a brief struggle, he was eventually placed into custody. A search yielded a plastic bag of marijuana in his pocket, and he was transported to booking. A check through NCIC revealed Johnson had a warrant out for his arrest for driving on a suspended license.

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Tina Hall pretends to be inmate, assaults police officer

56-year-old Tina Christine Hall was at Tennova Healthcare on October 27th when a deputy from Stewart County Sherrif’s Department advised officers that she had been showing up to the hospital whenever they take inmate Chante Ruf for medical appointments. A nurse told officers that Hall told her that her name was Chante Ruf and that she was there for an appointment, even though she had no legal reason to obtain any information regarding Ruf’s medical history. When officers approached Hall and told her she was not free to leave, she began to resist and kicked Sgt. Hurt a couple of times before they were able to detain her. Hall was taken into custody for using false identification, resisting arrest, and assault on a first responder.

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Luis Delvalle assaults officer after drinking at Revel House in Clarksville

In the early morning hours of September 21st, 23-year-old Luis Delvalle was found at a Mapco on top of his friend after his car, parked at the Revel House, would not start, and he rode there with them. Clarksville Police Department Officer Binkley pulled the two apart and told Luis to sit in the back of the car. Luis could not stand alone and had slurred speech before Officer Binkley asked him questions he could not answer. While the officers spoke to Luis, he became aggressive, so they attempted to handcuff him, but he resisted. After he was handcuffed, Officer David searched him, and Luis kicked him in the leg.

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Emily Herrera kicks a nurse, bites another nurse, while escaping hospital

26-year-old Emily Herrera was jailed last week after she fought medical staff who was trying to stop her from escaping the Tennova Hospital. An officer was at Tennova ER for an unrelated call when they saw a nurse trying to stop a patient from leaving. There was a signed 6404 order for Herrera that prevents her from leaving at her own will.

RN Christa Stoler attempted to de-escalate the situation and bring Herrera back to her room. Multiple staff and the officer eventually joined in to try to stop her from leaving. She picked her legs up and kicked RN Warren Ward in the chest. While she was being lowered to the ground, she tried to punch RN Stoler in the face but didn’t make contact. She did however manage to bite RN Stoler’s forearm, breaking the skin and causing a laceration 1 inch in length. The nurse was admitted as a patient for her injuries.

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Bruce Tidwell pulls deputy into cell with him and bites his leg at Montgomery County Jail

22-year-old Bruce Tidwell was found slumped over his steering wheel on the side of the highway. On 02/19/2023, Officer Wright responded to a welfare check After THP Trooper Crysel was unable to get a response from Tidwell, who was passed out over his steering wheel. After banging on the window and shouting, Tidwell was able to exit the vehicle but was so intoxicated he fell asleep while standing up and staggered around. He would not comply with sobriety tests, and the decision was made to take Tidwell into custody. Once Tidwell was told he was being handcuffed, he started to fight back violently, causing himself and the officer to fall to the ground in a struggle. He was finally escorted to the patrol car.

The officer opened the door to remove a bag and Tidwell kicked the door shut on him causing the officer to fall and causing damage to the inside of the vehicle. Tidwell was finally taken to booking. Once there, Deputy Cornett responded to deputy needs assistance call. Upon arrival Tidwell was kicking at other deputies and screaming, “I AM NOT STAYING IN THIS CELL!” He wrestled the deputy into the cell with him. During this time, he also bit the deputy in the leg.

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