Treyvon Johnson resists arrest, punches police officer in face

28-year-old Treyvon Johnson was jailed on November 28th after police pulled him over on College Street for having illegal tint. Police confirmed the 4% tint with the tint meter. Johnson was in the driver’s seat, appearing agitated and making furtive movements. Police asked him to exit the vehicle multiple times, and when he did, they smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the car.

Johnson got back in the vehicle, so officers had to remove him and place him in cuffs. He then resisted by pulling away until he had to be taken to the ground, where he punched an officer in the face. After a brief struggle, he was eventually placed into custody. A search yielded a plastic bag of marijuana in his pocket, and he was transported to booking. A check through NCIC revealed Johnson had a warrant out for his arrest for driving on a suspended license.

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