Stevie Kelly indicted in Clarksville’s largest cocaine distribution racket

38-year-old Stevie Leonard Kelly has been indicted by a March Montgomery County Grand Jury on multiple charges stemming from 2022 drug activity. Detectives say that, along with others, he conspired to sell more than 300 grams of cocaine between July and September. On August 27, he conspired to purchase a kilogram of cocaine from Anthony Powell. On September 21, he was found to possess over 100 grams of cocaine and $10,000 in cash on Shearor Street, along with a microwave, baking soda, spoons, a razor blade, a rolling tray, sandwich bags, a vacuum sealer with bags, and rolling papers. He is also accused of flushing drugs down a toilet on that day, along with possessing a firearm as a convicted felon.

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