Hubert Bell faces drug charges after traffic stop in Clarksville

33-year-old Hurbert Bell was arrested for various drug charges after a traffic stop this week. On Feb 28th, Officer Tudor initiated a traffic stop on Concord Dr. for a black Mercedes S550 that ran a stop sign at Charlemagne Blvd and Ft Campbell Blvd. When Bell was approached, he advised the officer that he didn’t have a driver’s license because it was suspended. When the officer asked if there were any illegal drugs in the vehicle, he said he had marijuana in the car. Bell consented to a vehicle search. The officer found five airtight zip-locked plastic pouches that said premium cannabis flower weighing 3.5 grams each, a pack of swisher sweets cigarillos, cigar wraps, and a rolling tray. When searching Mr. Bell’s person, a white pill identified as 10mg Oxycodone was found.

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