Duo jailed after brawl over infidelity — Jacob Shumway & Jamie O’Bryant

36-year-old Jacob Shumway was arguing with his girlfriend, 29-year-old Jamie O’Bryant, over adultery allegations on October 14th. Officers responded to a call for service at Viewmont Dr. regarding a domestic dispute. O’Bryant spoke with officers as they arrived and stated that she and Shumway were arguing before he went to sleep and that she took his phone and found dating applications on it while he slept. Then, O’Bryant told officers that she woke up Shumway, confronting him about what she found and that he pushed her onto the couch and, when she got up, pushed her onto the floor. Shumway spoke with officers and stated that once he went to sleep after a verbal altercation, he was woken up by O’Bryant scratching the back of his neck, yelling at him about the dating applications. Officers observed scratches on Shumway’s neck. A primary aggressor could not be determined, so both parties were taken into custody for domestic assault.

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