Jemini Lyons found with Fentanyl, Heroin, & Xanax while shoplifting at Dollar General

24-year-old Jemini Lyons was jailed on July 7th after he was caught shoplifting from Dollar General. When officers arrived on the scene, they observed Lyons to have merchandise concealed in his pockets and a large amount of cash in his hand. When asked why he had the merchandise in his pocket, he claimed that he was “just holding it” but planned on paying for it. While emptying his pockets, a plastic bag fell out, and he admitted that it was 10 Xanax bars that belonged to him. Officers opened the bag and found a bag of a tan powdery substance and a bag with a pink powdery substance, and the 10 Xanax bars. The tan powder field tested positive for 1 gram of Fentanyl, and the pink powder for 3.4 grams of Heroin.

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