Jhaquintes Johnson indicted in Clarksville’s largest cocaine distribution racket

22-year-old Jhaquintes Demarcus Johnson has been indicted by a March Montgomery County Grand Jury on multiple charges stemming from 2022 drug activity. On September 21, he was found with 180 grams of cocaine, marijuana, multiple loaded firearms, and more than $5,000 in cash on Shearor Street in Clarksville, along with drug paraphernalia – including baking soda, sandwich bags, a razor blade, a grinder, cup with residue, cigarillos, a pipe, digital scales, a rolling tray, and a pill bottle. He flushed drugs down a toilet during a raid that day and possessed a firearm. During the raid, he was also found to possess N-Cyclohexyl Methylone, an analogue of Methylone, a controlled substance, along with Oxycodone, crystal methamphetamine, and amphetamine.

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