Kadaijia Wing passes out from drug use with children in the vehicle with her

24-year-old Kadaijia Wing was jailed on July 9th after officers responded to a welfare check at Trice Landing Park to find her and Joseph Black passed out in a vehicle with children inside. There was a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old who is also autistic. Kadaijia woke up, and officers asked why her vehicle smelled like marijuana, to which she replied that someone smoked in her car earlier. During a probable cause search, police located four cut straws which are usually associated with ingesting narcotics, a pack of cigarillos, less than .5 grams of cocaine, and less than 14.175 grams of marijuana, well within reach of the children. DCS was contacted, and Joseph and Kadaijia were taken into custody and transported to Clarksville Police Department so DCS could conduct their investigation.

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