Sean Conklin, 19, says he drank at Revel House before crashing car on way home

Following reports of a hit and run, 19-year-old Sean Conklin was arrested after he reportedly admitted to drinking with his juvenile girlfriend at the Revel House near downtown Clarksville before getting into a wreck and then fleeing the scene. When Officer Keenan Driskell caught up to Conklin after the wreck at the intersection of Pembroke Place and Oak Park Drive, he stated that he was attempting to drive home, but his car stopped operating. Officers observed he smelled of alcohol and he performed poorly during the field sobriety tests. Officers also learned that Conklin was supposed to have an interlock device following history in North Carolina, but one was not in the vehicle. According to police, Conklin was drinking with his underage girlfriend at Revel House prior to the crash, which occurred at 1:42 a.m. on September 28.

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