Mariah Blankenship kicks cop in groin in battle at Paradox Lounge

23-year-old Mariah Blakenship was jailed after kicking a police officer in the groin and striking him in the face as he attempted to detain her after a fight at the Paradox Lounge on Wilma Rudolph Blvd on Feb 25th. Police say they responded to a fight in progress at the club and arrived to find Blankenship being forcefully restrained by three individuals in order to prevent any more fighting. As Clarksville Police Officer Thomas Nichols attempted to take her into custody, she kicked him in the groin and chest and used the hand that was cuffed to strike him in the face as she twisted out of his grip, with the assistance of two other people who were interfering with the arrest. She was determined to be extremely intoxicated and transported to booking after being cleared at Tennova hospital.

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