Parking Lot Pooper Nakietha Gallion eats baggie of cocaine, kicks officers

28-year-old Nakietha Gallion was jailed on May 12th after an anonymous call of a man “pooping in the parking lot” of Circle K on Lafayette Road. When police approached Gallion, he was across the street from the gas station. He started walking away from the officers while removing all of his articles of clothing. Mr. Gallion then grabbed something from his wallet, put it in his mouth, and started chewing on it. He was told to stop walking and stand by his jacket, at which point he reached into his waistband and said, “Or what?”

Police told Gallion to put his hands behind his back, but he refused and was taken to the ground. While on the ground, officers commanded him to spit out what he was chewing on, but he refused and kicked an officer multiple times. He was taken into custody, and police were able to retrieve the item he was chewing on. It was a small, clear, plastic baggie containing a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. Gallion was transported to Tennova to be observed for a possible overdose. The baggie of cocaine was approximately .5 grams.

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Mariah Blankenship kicks cop in groin in battle at Paradox Lounge

23-year-old Mariah Blakenship was jailed after kicking a police officer in the groin and striking him in the face as he attempted to detain her after a fight at the Paradox Lounge on Wilma Rudolph Blvd on Feb 25th. Police say they responded to a fight in progress at the club and arrived to find Blankenship being forcefully restrained by three individuals in order to prevent any more fighting. As Clarksville Police Officer Thomas Nichols attempted to take her into custody, she kicked him in the groin and chest and used the hand that was cuffed to strike him in the face as she twisted out of his grip, with the assistance of two other people who were interfering with the arrest. She was determined to be extremely intoxicated and transported to booking after being cleared at Tennova hospital.

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Dena Evans kicks and spits on first responders who save her from wrecked vehicle

51-year-old Dena Evans was found face down in the driver’s seat with her foot trapped in the dashboard of her overturned vehicle on February 9 at 5 p.m. As firefighters extracted Evans from the wreckage, she began yelling and cursing at them and kicked them while they placed her on a spine board. Once loaded onto a stretcher, Evans began to spit at the first responders. She was highly intoxicated, and an open bottle of Old English 800 was found inside the vehicle.

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