Sasha Roberson jailed for cocaine and marijuana possession

26-year-old Sasha Roberson, on July 16th, was seen kicking a bag under a car by Officer Pequignot while he was placing another person into custody. Officer Pequingnot found the bag under the car closest to Sasha that contained under 14.5 grams of field-tested-positive marijuana. She admitted that the bag was hers and then consented to a search of her vehicle and house. Field-tested-positive cocaine and more marijuana were found during the search.

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Tandra Pickett jailed after misleading police about gun during altercation

31-year-old Tandra Pickett was jailed on June 7th after she misled the police about a handgun that was present at a fight at Summit Heights apartments. During the initial investigation, it was determined that three weapons were used during the altercation, a baseball bat, a knife, and a handgun. The baseball bat and knife were collected, but Pickett denied several times using the gun during the altercation until admitting to having it for a short period of time. Police gave Ms. Pickett several opportunities to lead them to the gun, but she misled them by saying she got rid of it by throwing it in the trash. She then changed her story and said she gave the gun to her sister, who left the scene before police arrived, and there was no way of getting ahold of her.

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Parking Lot Pooper Nakietha Gallion eats baggie of cocaine, kicks officers

28-year-old Nakietha Gallion was jailed on May 12th after an anonymous call of a man “pooping in the parking lot” of Circle K on Lafayette Road. When police approached Gallion, he was across the street from the gas station. He started walking away from the officers while removing all of his articles of clothing. Mr. Gallion then grabbed something from his wallet, put it in his mouth, and started chewing on it. He was told to stop walking and stand by his jacket, at which point he reached into his waistband and said, “Or what?”

Police told Gallion to put his hands behind his back, but he refused and was taken to the ground. While on the ground, officers commanded him to spit out what he was chewing on, but he refused and kicked an officer multiple times. He was taken into custody, and police were able to retrieve the item he was chewing on. It was a small, clear, plastic baggie containing a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. Gallion was transported to Tennova to be observed for a possible overdose. The baggie of cocaine was approximately .5 grams.

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Kyro Quinto swallows cocaine and regurgitates it during traffic stop

29-year-old Kyro Quinto was jailed on March 21st after swallowing a bag of cocaine when police pulled him over on Providence Boulevard and Oak Street. As officers approached Quinto during the traffic stop for an illegal u-turn, they noticed a pink baggie on the passenger’s seat. Quinto took the baggie of suspected cocaine, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. Officers asked Quinto what he just swallowed, and he ended up throwing it back up. They tested the regurgitated substance, which was positive for cocaine, totaling 3.6 grams. Under the driver’s seat was a Glock 19, and a pink bag with marijuana. A black back was located on the floor in the second row with $1,710. There was a blue bag containing Xanax.

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Gerardo Lazo free on $52,500 bond after DUI arrest

31-year-old Gerardo Lazo is free on a $52,500 bond after police say he was driving under the influence of alcohol on March 14. An officer noticed his vehicle as it was traveling near Governor’s Square Mall without head or tail lights. The vehicle was not maintaining a constant speed and was weaving between lanes. Lazo, who was in the driver’s seat, would only partially roll down the window during the traffic stop and had slurred speech when he told the officer he had consumed a “tall boy” about fifteen minutes prior to driving. He refused all testing, and a warrant was granted for his blood. Once at Tennova, he refused to remain still enough for a blood draw to be completed, and he was charged with tampering with evidence, adding $50,000 to his original $2,500 bond for DUI.

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Bryce Hirkala tosses drugs into water after crashing BMW while on state probation

21-year-old Bryce Carl Hirkala was arrested Monday around midnight. Officers responding to a wreck at Little Hope Rd and Hwy 76 were told by a witness that the driver of the black BMW involved in the wreck was seen throwing a backpack into the water before authorities arrived on the scene. Bryce Hirkala was identified as the driver of the black BMW, and officers did recover a backpack from the water, which contained marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia, including a rolling tray and cigarillos. More marijuana and drug-related paraphernalia was found in the vehicle after being searched. He was arrested and transported to Montgomery County Jail for booking.

In August 2022, Hirkala was given judicial diversion on two felony drug charges and was placed on state probation.

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