Kyro Quinto swallows cocaine and regurgitates it during traffic stop

29-year-old Kyro Quinto was jailed on March 21st after swallowing a bag of cocaine when police pulled him over on Providence Boulevard and Oak Street. As officers approached Quinto during the traffic stop for an illegal u-turn, they noticed a pink baggie on the passenger’s seat. Quinto took the baggie of suspected cocaine, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. Officers asked Quinto what he just swallowed, and he ended up throwing it back up. They tested the regurgitated substance, which was positive for cocaine, totaling 3.6 grams. Under the driver’s seat was a Glock 19, and a pink bag with marijuana. A black back was located on the floor in the second row with $1,710. There was a blue bag containing Xanax.

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