Christy Styles charged with DUI & domestic assault after a wild day in Clarksville

43-year-old Christine Diane Styles somehow managed to be jailed on both a DUI and a domestic assault charge after a singular incident this week in Clarksville. Nicholas Styles told police his wife, Christine ‘Christy’ Styles was in an argument with an employee, and when he attempted to break it up, she punched him in the chest. The argument continued to the upper floor of their Franklin Street home, where he says she then assaulted him a second time.

She left in his vehicle and returned a short time later, only to jump on top of him, bite his arm, and punch him in the face several more times. By the time police arrived, she had fled the scene in his vehicle once again and returned while they were interviewing Mr. Styles and documenting red marks on his stomach, a bite mark on his arm, and multiple abrasions to his face.

As she pulled up in his GMC Sierra, officers say she was obviously intoxicated, reeked of alcohol, and admitted to drinking “several glasses of wine.” She would later blow a 0.149% BAC. She is charged with DU and domestic assault.

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