Jacquilyne Allen charged after police find marijuana in home

22-year-old Jacquilyne Allen was jailed after police found marijuana in her Evans Road home. Police responded to the Evans Road residence for a domestic violence call. Upon arrival, officers made contact with Jacquilyne Allen and Gacoby Nightingale. Both alleged that a physical assault occurred. However, officers could not determine a primary aggressor due to the pair’s conflicting stories. Nightingale alleged that Allen had punched and kicked him. Allen, however, alleged that Nightingale had thrown her down the back door stairs. Allen had bruises on her legs, and Nightingale had no injuries. While on the scene, officers noticed a bag of marijuana sitting on a table near the couch. Other officers noticed a glass bowl and a rolling tray in the living room. Allen was heard asking Nightingale if he would take responsibility for “the weed.” Neither Allen nor Nightingale claimed the drugs or paraphernalia. Because of this and the conflicting stories, officers placed both Allen and Nightingale in custody. The pair also has a prior history of domestic assault. Jacquilyne Allen was charged with contempt, aggravated assault, simple possession, and drug paraphernalia.

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