Eric Gonzalez drunkenly slaps girlfriend in face with potato salad for no reason

43-year-old Eric Gonzalez was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Allison Hansen, at their Sikorsky Lane residence on July 14th, 2023. When officers arrived, they made contact with Hansen, who told them that Gonzalez had an alcohol problem and was drinking that night. Hansen was on the phone speaking with her manager when, for an unknown reason, Gonzalez slapped her in the face with a plate of potato salad. Officers observed potato salad in her hair as well as on her clothing. Gonzalez then followed Hansen around the home, yelling in her face. Gonzalez left the house before officers arrived. Officers later attempted to contact Gonzalez with no success. Officers determined Gonzalez to be the primary aggressor and secured a warrant for his arrest. Eric Gonzalez was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

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Fort Campbell Soldier Eric Gonzalez charged in assault of girlfriend… yet again

Just three months after the last aggravated domestic violence charge against 42-year-old Eric Gonzalez was dismissed with costs when the victim didn’t testify, Clarksville Police yet again responded to the Sikorsky Lane residence this week. The same victim, Allison Hansen, advised she and Gonzalez, who is her boyfriend of seven years, had a physical altercation during which he head-butted her and punched her in the face. Officers documented injuries, and as they were attempting to detain Gonzalez for questioning, he refused to be cuffed and grabbed the vest of a Clarksville police officer, and attempted to twist him around to evade being detained.

Additional officers arrived, and Gonzalez was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest. In the prior incident, police found Hansen hiding in a closet on the lower level of the home after he had pointed a pistol at her head, upset that she was out later than he approved of.

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