Tamonica Gaines charged after assaulting multiple police officers

48-year-old Tamonica Gaines was jailed after officers responded to reports of a violent and disorderly patient at Tennova Healthcare on Dunlop Lane onJanuary 3rd. Officers arrived and spoke with nursing staff, who advised that Gaines was assaulting staff members. The nursing staff advised that Gaines was being discharged upon the officers’ arrival. Officers heard Gaines screaming from the entrance of the emergency room, disturbing other patients. Officers attempted to remove Gaines from the property. Gaines then hit an officer in the face with her arm during the scuffle. Gaines was then taken into custody.

Later that day, while in Montgomery County Jail, officers attempted to move Gaines to a different cell. When doing so, Gaines became combative and kicked an officer in the leg. Gaines knocked another officer into a wall, causing her to hit her head. Gaines then bit an officer on the forearm, as well as leaving multiple scratches on multiple officers’ arms. On January 4th, officers attempted to place Gaines on suicide watch. Gaines then became aggressive again, punching multiple officers as well as leaving numerous scratches on their arms. Gaines was charged with disorderly conduct and seven counts of assault against a first responder.

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