Lights out for the city’s Roxy Parking Lot – who controls the switch?

Lights out for the city’s Roxy Parking Lot – who controls the switch?

Hours after the Clarksville City Council voted not to re-appoint Ryan Bowie, the embattled director of the Roxy Regional Theatre, to the city’s parking commission, the lights went out on the city’s Roxy parking lot – used by hundreds of downtown patrons. The lights, which sit atop the Roxy Theatre, have been dark for weeks now, and the city has refused to comment on the situation or if it’s a direct result of the standoff with Bowie, who reportedly has control of the lighting.

A photo of the lot taken at 6 p.m. this week and a lighting-enhanced version taken at dawn for easier viewing.

The parking lot contains a steep metal stairway, which is not pitch black, and the major walkway for patrons parking to visit downtown businesses. It was not immediately disclosed who pays for the electricity for those specific lights due to the city refusing to respond to multiple requests, but it is believed they are on the Roxy Theatre’s electric circuit. The Roxy also has not responded to any requests for comment and appears to be closed for a holiday break.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


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