Corey Wiist found passed out from Fentanyl at gas pump in Clarksville

Corey Wiist found passed out from Fentanyl at gas pump in Clarksville

33-year-old Corey Wiist was jailed on April 9th after falling asleep behind the wheel of his truck at the Marathon Gas Station on Ashland City Road. Police responded to pump four and banged on the driver’s side window several times to wake Wiist up. When he finally woke, his eyes were glossy, and he had pinpoint pupils. Officers asked to search his truck and if there was anything illegal inside, to which he stated, “There shouldn’t be.” While other officers were searching his vehicle, He agreed to sobriety testing and performed satisfactorily.

Fentanyl wrapped in tin foil was found in the center console, along with two cut straws with residue. It was later discovered that Wiist had no active driver’s license, as it was revoked in 2017. He was then arrested, and more fentanyl was found, this time wrapped in lottery tickets in his wallet. Mr. Wisst admitted to the substances being fentanyl and using it earlier that morning.


Corey Landon Wiist of Swift Drive in Clarksville, TN, was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on April 9th, charged with simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended/revoked license. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $3,500.

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