Dale Tuberville strangles ex-girlfriend during domestic incident

On April 22nd, a 19-year-old named Dale Tuberville was involved in a domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend Julia Spillman at their Margrave Drive residence. When officers arrived at the scene, they spoke with Spillman, who reported that she was not okay and that Tuberville had assaulted her. Spillman stated she could not call because Tuberville was close at all times. The officers informed Spillman that they were there to conduct a welfare check called in by an anonymous female.

Spillman told officers that after she got her kids on the bus in the morning, she asked Tuberville to leave the residence, making him angry. She claims that proceeding this in the hallway, Tuberville put her in a chokehold, making her unable to breathe. As she attempted to pry his hands free from her neck, he let go. Spillman then claimed that Tuberville yelled at her more before they both went to sleep. Spillman noted that she woke up before him and texted her daughter for help shortly before officers arrived. Officers then spoke with Tuberville, who admitted that he was asked to leave, and they both began arguing in the hallway. Tuberville denied that anything physical occurred. Officers deemed Tuberville to be the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for aggravated domestic assault

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