Maria Hernandez won’t leave baby daddy alone

30-year-old Maria Amezquita Hernandez was booked on an outstanding warrant from November 1st 2023. Guillermo Gonzalez, who shares children with Hernandez, advised officers about an incident that occurred on October 18th, stating that she contacted him via social media and text messages, initially about the children, and then started to degrade and belittle him. He explained to officers that he requested Hernandez not call or text him unless it was regarding their kids.

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Maria Gonzalez left young children at home to work in Memphis for the day

29-year-old Maria Amezquita Gonzalez was charged with 3 counts of child abuse and neglect. According to Clarksville Police, who were responding to a welfare check called in by the father, on Dec. 6th, Maria Gonzalez left her 3 kids, ages 9, 8, and 4, at home all-day unsupervised because she had to be in Memphis at 7 a.m. to film a tv episode for 12 hours.

Reportedly, Mrs. Gonzalez’s next door neighbor, Celina Robinson, told the officer she had been asked to watch the kids while Mrs. Gonzalez was away for the day, after which the police confirmed with Mrs. Gonzalez over the phone that this was true; only for Mrs. Robinson to later recant, saying she had no prior arrangement with Mrs. Gonzalez to watch the children, she had no idea the children were home alone and Mrs. Gonzalez had only contacted her once throughout the day to check on the children, by which point the police were already on the scene.

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