Nicolas Hunter drunkenly punches mother’s TV during argument

23-year-old Nicolas Deondre Hunter was involved in a domestic disturbance with his mother, Nicole Hunter-Barnett, at Cedar Springs Ct. on October 29th. Nicole advised officers that her son came home intoxicated, came into her room, woke her up, and started an argument before lunging at her. His girlfriend held him back before he punched his mother’s television, breaking it, then left the room. Hunter said he entered his mom’s room to speak with her, and an argument ensued. He stated that his girlfriend attempted to pull him out of the room. While being pulled, his elbow hit the TV and unintentionally damaged it. Hunter also denied lunging at his mother. His girlfriend corroborated his statements, and he was deemed as the primary aggressor. Hunter was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

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Nicolas Hunter charged with lying to police about his “stolen” car

On the night of August 26th, Detective Headley responded to a false reports call at N. Riverside Drive. Headley was investigating a stolen vehicle reported by 23-year-old Nicolas Hunter before determining he made false statements to officers regarding his whereabouts the night the vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run and reported stolen. Hunter knowingly provided false information to the police. He was additionally held on outstanding warrants out of Kentucky.

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Nicolas Hunter confesses to armed robbery, consents to search & gives up stolen gun

22-year-old Nicolas Deondre ‘Lil Nugget’ Hunter was booked into the Montgomery County Jail this week to answer for his charges here, after spending time in other jurisdictions on unrelated charges. He was served with a felony warrant charging him with felony aggravated robbery for a July 2021 incident in which he stole a handgun from a victim at the Overlook Apartments, who was showing it to him for a possible sale.

When the victim asked Hunter to return the gun, Lil Nugget pulled back the slide on a different black gun and told the victim: “stay back or I’ll pop you!” while pointing the gun in his direction. During an interview with detectives, Hunter confessed to the robbery and gave consent to search his home, detailing where the stolen gun – valued at $170 – would be found. He is jailed on a $50K bond.

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