David Romero attempts to assault mother during argument, tells police he began “Losing it”

25-year-old David Allan Romero had a domestic altercation with his mom, Norma Morales, at their Cambridge Square apartment on Memorial Drive late March 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morales, who stated she had a verbal dispute with Romero over their dog. She said during the argument, he started yelling profanities while advancing toward her, placing her in fear, so she grabbed a chair to defend herself. She said she then gave him space, left the living room, went to the bedroom, and told her daughter to call the police.  When officers spoke with Romero, he corroborated her statements, adding that he began “losing it” and does not remember what he yelled at her before she picked up the chair. Romero was taken into custody for domestic assault.

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