Alishaa ‘Peachy’ Dabney jailed after police pursuit; marijuana in a stitch satchel

24-year-old Alishaa Dabney, AKA Peachy, was jailed on September 14th after a vehicle pursuit in her Audi A4 on Lafayette Road after she failed to stop at a stop sign. Once the officers activated emergency equipment, Dabney sped away until eventually coming to a complete stop on Anita Court. While placing Ms. Dabney into custody for the chase and traffic violation, officers observed a male passenger in the vehicle. He stated that he told Ms. Dabney to stop several times during the chase, but she refused. A strong odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle, according to police. A search yielded a “Stitch” satchel bag containing 24.9 grams of marijuana and two loaded guns, one of which didn’t have a serial number. Dabney was sluggish and had bloodshot eyes. She admitted to being under the influence and to being in possession of marijuana and firearms.

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