Shatquantell Steffin jailed after childish episode at Vacation Motel

36-year-old Shatquantell Steffin was jailed on July 29th when police were called by Judy Parker, an employee at Vacation Motel, who wanted officers present while she allowed Steffin, a previous tenant, to retrieve her belongings from the motel room. After Steffin got her things, she was asked to leave and not return to the property, but she refused to leave and laid down in the middle of the street. Officers could smell alcohol on her, and she admitted to having drinks in her room, which was why she was being kicked out. Due to her level of intoxication and refusal to leave the motel premises, Steffin was placed into custody. During the search of her person, officers located a small bag of marijuana and cigarillos in her pocket.

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