Isabelle Elkins charged after ‘tweeking’ at Dodge’s Chicken & knocking on random doors

22-year-old Isabelle Hope Elkins was arrested Monday afternoon for public intoxication. According to police, Isabelle had been causing a disturbance all day, having been kicked out of Dodges service station on Ft. Campbell Blvd earlier that day when attempting to purchase items without money and scaring customers because of her appearance while “tweeking” inside the store.

That Monday afternoon, it all came to a head when cops responded to a call at a private residence off Charlemagne Blvd. Allegedly, Isabelle was banging on the front door, asking for help but appeared to be on drugs. When officers questioned her, she said, “she was being chased by her boyfriend” all the way from Dodge’s Chicken, but officers spoke with the employees of Dodge’s, who stated she was by herself. Due to the appearance of being under the influence of a controlled substance as well as causing multiple public nuisances, she was taken into custody and transported to Montgomery County Jail for booking.

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Mother reports child was kidnapped from Motel 6: She was just high on drugs — Leslie McIntyre

25-year-old Leslie McIntyre called Clarksville Police to report she believed her two-year-old daughter had been kidnapped by a family friend. As the investigation continued, McIntyre further revealed she had left the child with the family friend while she “went shopping”, and returned to find both the family friend and her daughter missing from the Motel 6 room where she was staying. She stated that prior to leaving, she and the friend were drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana while looking after the child at the hotel.

Police contacted the friend, who returned the child to the scene, but stated the mother had been gone for over 5 hours and didn’t leave any provisions for the child, prompting their departure to handle the needs of life. CPS responded to the scene and the mother tested positive for benzodiazepines, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and THC. McIntyre was initially held on a $20,000 bond and the child was taken into children’s protective custody.

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