Soldier Eddie Brown pulled his penis out in front of magistrate and urinated on floor after arrest

A patron of the troubled Electric Cowboy flagged down nearby police in the early morning hours of April 30 to report his friend, 22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Eddie Brown, was about to drive away after drinking heavily, and they were unable to stop him. Officers located Brown in his Nissan Sentra after he drove up beside them as they were searching for him in the parking lot. He admitted, through slurred words, that he had been drinking prior to driving. Inside his Sentra, officers found two open bottles of Seagram’s Escapes Italian Ice alcoholic drinks. Brown had a mouth full of chewing tobacco, which he was ordered to spit out before being placed into the patrol car.

Brown waited until he was in the back of the patrol car and then spit it up onto the back seat. Not quite finished, Brown then pulled his penis from his pants and doused the rear of the patrol car in urine. Once at booking, while standing at the magistrate’s window, Brown recreated the scene from the car and once again pulled out his penis and urinated all over the floor. A the time of his arrest, Brown was out on bond from a February DUI arrest.

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