Timothy Jones found passed out behind wheel of car in front of Mickey’s Downtown Clarksville

Clarksville Police say they found 31-year-old Timothy Jones incredibly drunk and passed out behind the wheel of his running Honda RTS while parked in front of Mickey’s Downtown Clarksville. It took several knocks on the window to wake Jones, who was unable to exit the vehicle on his own due to his level of intoxication. Inside the vehicle, officers found a bottle of Teremana Tequila in the center cup holder.

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Dajuan Dowlen charged with domestic assault after ex-girlfriend wakes him up to argue

30-year-old Dajuan Dowlen was jailed after his lover, Suzanne White, says he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her into a corner of the bedroom, causing her to be in fear the assault would escalate. She told police they had been arguing after he came home after being out all day and smelled like alcohol. She says he tried to go to bed and ignore an issue she was upset about, so she attempted to get her attention when he pushed her into the corner. Dowlen says nothing happened, and she just woke him up from his sleep to argue with him. White is listed as his “ex-girlfriend” in court documents related to this arrest.

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Man admits to drinking, actually PASSES field sobriety tests — Zla Holder

Clarksville Police say 30-year-old Zla Holder failed to completely stop at a stop sign on the night of February 12th while driving his silver Ford F-150. As officer Steven Davis initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle, Holder fled the vehicle and ran behind a row of houses in the neighborhood. He was located soon after and gave consent to search his vehicle. Officers located an open bottle of Jameson, an open can of Mike’s Twisted Tea, two empty bottles of brandy, and 0.99 grams of marijuana.

Holder admitted to drinking at the casino earlier and consuming some of the Twisted Tea drink. Police say that “due to his ability to run while evading arrest, and successful completion of field sobriety tests” he was not charged with DUI.

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