Drunk Man arrested while sleeping it off in car at The Electric Cowboy — Barry Ward

45-year-old Barry Dale Ward had too much to drink at the Electric Cowboy Saturday morning and made it to the rear seat of his vehicle, where he was sleeping it off with the door open. Jacob Turner, a bouncer at the troubled nightclub, called Clarksville Police to report the man asleep in his car. Officers arrived at 3:47 a.m. to find Ward still asleep in the backseat of a vehicle and had to shake him multiple times to wake him up. Officers asked Ward to call someone to get him, but he told the officer to do it for him and then told them to take him to jail. Officers charged him with public intoxication and transported him to booking.

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Eddie Hampton charged after family spat with brother, petty police make arrest

When Clarksville Police Officer Daniel Smith responded to a family squabble Tuesday evening, he would eventually charge 19-year-old Eddie Mark Hampton with underage drinking, possession of a cigarillo, possession of less than 0.5 oz of marijuana, and domestic assault. The reason for the call? Eddie was reportedly arguing with his brother, Ethan Hampton, and “shoved him.” according to a police report. Ethan then pushed him to the ground and out the door of the residence.

Officers located Eddie just down the street and took him into custody for the assault. During the arrest, they located the tiniest amount of marijuana and a cigarillo. Eddie says his brother tackled him, but he did not remember shoving his brother. He says his family gave him the alcohol he was drinking, and the family says he brought it with him to the house.

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Clarksville Police make petty marijuana arrest while ‘assisting’ citizen — Dustee Waters

22-year-old Dustee Waters was having a 7 a.m. dispute with the Econo Lodge on Wilma Rudolph Blvd, and Clarksville police responded to the scene. Officer Adam Price stood by while Waters removed her items from the room and noted he could smell marijuana. He says he then observed a baggie in Waters’ hoodie, and when he asked what was in it, she replied: “weed.” He placed her under arrest and charged her for the 14.5 grams of marijuana, along with paraphernalia for an open cigarillo packet found on a table in the motel room.

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