Eddie Hampton charged after family spat with brother, petty police make arrest

When Clarksville Police Officer Daniel Smith responded to a family squabble Tuesday evening, he would eventually charge 19-year-old Eddie Mark Hampton with underage drinking, possession of a cigarillo, possession of less than 0.5 oz of marijuana, and domestic assault. The reason for the call? Eddie was reportedly arguing with his brother, Ethan Hampton, and “shoved him.” according to a police report. Ethan then pushed him to the ground and out the door of the residence.

Officers located Eddie just down the street and took him into custody for the assault. During the arrest, they located the tiniest amount of marijuana and a cigarillo. Eddie says his brother tackled him, but he did not remember shoving his brother. He says his family gave him the alcohol he was drinking, and the family says he brought it with him to the house.

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Thomas Tanner jailed after threatening his very adult son with a screwdriver

79-year-old Thomas Theophilus Tanner was jailed this week after his son called 911 to report his father, who is nearly 80 and weighs 150 pounds, “threatened him with a screwdriver.” Deputy Ryan Foster arrived at the location and made contact with the son, Thomas Tanner Jr., who stated his dad was inside the home working on an electrical box, and when asked to stop he reportedly told his son he would stab him with a screwdriver if he didn’t step back from him.

The father told deputies he absolutely said those words to his son; as he was coming too close too him, he was backed into a small area and felt threatened because his son is a much bigger man than he is. The son told the deputy he was afraid for himself and his grandmother, and the father was jailed and charged with felony aggravated assault.

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Brianna Michelle Arquitt charged with harassing Natasha Herbaut

Natasha Marie Herbaut has taken out yet another harassment warrant for another woman in Clarksville. In an affidavit she swore out before a judicial commissioner on August 8th, she states that on July 23rd, 31-year-old Brianna Michelle Arquitt continued to contact her via call and text, despite telling her to stop. She says some of the messages were “offensive in nature.” Arquitt was booked on the outstanding warrant on August 15th and charged with harassment.

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