China King scores 78 on health inspection, some 2nd & 3rd notice items, raw food storage issues

China King on Lowes Drive received a score of 78 on a routine restaurant inspection from the Tennessee Department of Health on March 24th. An inspector found raw shrimp stored on top of cooked potatoes, raw chicken stored over crab salad, raw fish stored over prep sauce, Sushi rice not marked with time expiration, food not being reheated to the proper temperature, including beef pastries, and wet & soiled wiping cloths stored on prep tables/workstations.

This was the 2nd notice for raw food being stored on prepped food and reheating temperatures, and the 3rd notice about the food expiration times and about improper cooler temperatures, with some 15 food items embargoed during this inspection.

A full copy of the inspection is included in the story…

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Paul Bryant says whatever his wife says, “probably happened” during drunken assault

28-year-old Paul Bryant says he and his wife, Megan Bryant, and been pushing and shoving each other all night while they were drinking during an argument. Megan says Paul tried to lock her out of the house, grabbing her and pushing her out, causing her to fall down three steps and bruising her body. When asked about that part of the incident, Paul stated “whatever Megan says is probably the truth”, as he didn’t remember everything.

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