DUI: Ashley Zachariason found drinking Crown Royal while speeding on Warfield Boulevard

30-year-old Ashley Zachariason was jailed on October 22nd after police observed her red buick going 72 mph down Warfield Boulevard, normally a 50 mph zone. Officers caught up with the vehicle as it merged onto Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. A traffic stop was conducted behind Lowes Drive, where they could smell alcohol coming from Ms. Ashley’s breath. She admitted having a few drinks earlier that night while celebrating her 30th birthday. She consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody. While searching her vehicle, officers located a nearly empty, opened bottle of Crown Royal. Police noted that after several minutes of yelling from Ms. Ashley and applying scratch marks to the forms with a pen, she was transported to the Magistrate’s office.

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Police say John Massey called a Black employee a ‘monkey’ at Mike’s Bar in Clarksville

36-year-old John Massey is accused of calling a Black employee of Mike’s Bar & Grill a “monkey” on the night of September 1st. Clarksville Police Officer Robert Thompson responded to a fight-in-progress call at the Lowes Drive bar just before midnight and made contact with Massey, who had just been asked to leave the business. Despite saying he would leave on his own, he reportedly continued to argue with staff in front of the business while putting on his motorcycle helmet. Officers say Massey called a Black employee of Mike’s Bar a “monkey,” which started yet another exchange of yelling and threats in front of the business.

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Autumn Ordonez assaults husband after she’s bounced from Mike’s Bar & Grill

22-year-old Autumn Young Ordonez is charged with domestic assault after she hit her husband, Matthew Ordonez, in the face after he was attempting to get her to vacate the bar she had been kicked out of. Officer Godwin responded to Mike’s Bar & Grill on a report that Young had assaulted a bouncer who was refusing to leave the property. Autumn was in the parking lot with her husband when police arrived, and multiple witnesses had observed her strike her husband as he was attempting to get her to leave the bar. Matthew also confirmed she slapped him. Young has two prior domestic violence charges, according to police.

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Woman found crawling home along the road after a night out at Mike’s Bar — Susannah Rourk

Officer Randy Cox found 40-year-old Susannah Rourk crawling on the side of the road just after 3:30 a.m., attempting to get home from Mike’s Bar & Grill, where she had been out drinking. Rourk was described as wearing all black, heavily intoxicated, and with her pants in disarray to the point the officer had to assist her in “making herself decent”. She was unwilling or unable to provide the name of anyone to call to assist her, and would not disclose where she lived, despite being very nearby to her home. She was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication, and simple drug possession after a Klonopin was found in her wallet during booking.

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China King scores 78 on health inspection, some 2nd & 3rd notice items, raw food storage issues

China King on Lowes Drive received a score of 78 on a routine restaurant inspection from the Tennessee Department of Health on March 24th. An inspector found raw shrimp stored on top of cooked potatoes, raw chicken stored over crab salad, raw fish stored over prep sauce, Sushi rice not marked with time expiration, food not being reheated to the proper temperature, including beef pastries, and wet & soiled wiping cloths stored on prep tables/workstations.

This was the 2nd notice for raw food being stored on prepped food and reheating temperatures, and the 3rd notice about the food expiration times and about improper cooler temperatures, with some 15 food items embargoed during this inspection.

A full copy of the inspection is included in the story…

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