Tregan Woody charged with DUI after release from hospital following crash

23-year-old Tregan Woody was jailed this week on a March 7th DUI charge for which he was hospitalized immediately after the incident. Police say they observed Woody seemingly intoxicated with pinpoint pupils, unresponsive, and falling asleep after a crash with injuries at Kraft & College St, and medics transported him to Tennova for treatment. While at the hospital, he stated he does not do drugs, then admitted only to smoking marijuana prior to the crash. Police charged him with driving under the influence and noted a history of overdose and Fentanyl possession.

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“I’m an alcoholic and I’ve been drinking all day”, says driver after crash — Angie Harris

When Clarksville Police responded to a crash at Daniel St & Richardson St, they say 57-year-old Angela Ruth Morrison Harris told them “I’m an alcoholic and I’ve been drinking all day”. She admitted to drinking vodka before the accident, and police located two bottles of Smirnoff Vodka in the vehicle. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody.

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DUI: Man crashes into culvert half-mile off roadway — DeAnthonee Simmons

23-year-old DeAnthonee Simmons was booked into the Montgomery County Jail after officers found him crashed in a culvert near Ft Campbell Blvd & Collier Road just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. The vehicle was wrecked with Simmons in the driver’s seat, approximately a half-mile off the roadway.

Clarksville Police Officer Benjamin Tribbett asked him how he ended up in this predicament, and Simmons was unsure how he got there. The officer suspected Simmons of driving under the influence, and he was transported to booking to be charged, after a stop at Tennova Sango for a blood draw. Simmons is free on a $2,500 bond.

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