Ian Donovan pushes wife, twists her arms during assault, per report

36-year-old Ian Donovan was arrested on October 16th after he assaulted his wife and reportedly left visible marks on her a couple of days prior. On October 14th, officers responded to a domestic incident that had already happened at a residence on Liverworth Road. The victim, Jessica Donovan, had fled the residence to her sister’s home on Maureen Drive following the altercation. Mrs. Donovan told police that her husband had pushed her multiple times before she was forced to the ground.

After that, Mrs. Donavan stated that she attempted to push him away, but he grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. Shortly after that, she fled the residence at Liverworth to her sister’s home due to fear for her life. Deputies on the scene stated that it didn’t appear Donovan had any noticeable injuries. Police attempted to make contact with Mr. Donavan, but he was unresponsive. Due to one party’s statement being made and police being unable to hear the other side, a warrant was issued, and Ian was taken into custody.

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Justin Davis pulls knife on Gold Exchange & Loan employee on Madison Street

31-year-old Justin Davis was arrested on October 16 after he pulled a knife on an employee from Gold Exchange and Loan Company on Madison Street. Davis was angry because Giovanni Mejia refused to conduct a transaction with him and threatened to harm him the next time they met. The argument escalated further until Davis pulled a knife. He was taken into custody and booked. The incident was captured on video.

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Maria Delgado punches boyfriend twice in his face

25-year-old Maria Delgado was arrested after she struck her boyfriend twice in the face with a closed fist. An officer responded to the call at a residence on Sage Meadow Lane on October 15, when the victim stated he and his ex-girlfriend had been arguing when she punched him. The victim had redness to his eye that was documented, and Delgado admitted to arguing with the victim beforehand. Due to this, Delgado was charged with domestic assault.

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Marshall Arms jailed on outstanding warrant, breaks sprinkler system in jail cell

A warrant was issued in early August for 33-year-old Marshall Arms after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, Victoria, when she refused to use the last of their money on drugs. According to the victim, Arms struck her with an open palm and ripped some of her clothes while fighting on the ground. He then fled the scene before officers arrived.

The outstanding warrant was served on September 28, and Arms was brought into custody. During his stay in the Montgomery County Jail, Arms reportedly broke part of the fire suppression system and caused flooding throughout the unit. Marshall was the only person in the cell at the time and received an additional charge of vandalism.

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Jevell Rucker charged with marijuana after window tint traffic stop

30-year-old Jevell Rucker was pulled over on September 28 just after midnight when officers stated that they could not see into the car through the tint of his windows. While the officer initiated their emergency equipment around mile marker 11.8, they stated that the vehicle came to a stop at Exit 4 Westbound I-24.

When the officer approached the window, they alleged that there was a strong marijuana smell coming from the car. A search of the center console found six grams of marijuana and that Rucker was the only occupant of the car. The officer also claims that the window tint was not legal after being tested with a tint card and window tint meter.

Rucker was booked for evading arrest, simple possession, a window tint violation, and out-of-county warrants that were discovered after the fact.

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Nichole Jones jailed for shoplifting and violation of probation warrant

32-year-old Nichole Jones was served a warrant for violation of probation while shopping inside a Dollar General. When officers made contact inside the store, Jones admitted to concealing multiple items with the intent to steal them. A manager was notified and scanned the items, which came out to $58. After the warrant was confirmed through the National Crime database, Jones was further charged with theft of property.

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Tyler Walters charged with vandalizing sister’s car after argument

Police were called to an incident on September 25th where 25-year-old Tyler Walters and his sister Nichole Walters were in a verbal argument. After it began escalating, Tyler Walters reportedly slammed his car door repeatedly into his sister’s vehicle, striking her fender and causing less than $1,000 in damages. A warrant was issued, and Tyler Walters was taken into custody on Sep. 28.

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Angela Smith charged with stalking ex-boyfriend

45-year-old Angela Smith was arrested on September 27th following allegations that she was stalking her ex-boyfriend, Cameron Wagoner. After appearing at Wagner’s residence on September 26th, he stated that he witnessed Angela attempting to coax his children to her vehicle, but she was told to leave by the son.

This follows messages between the victim and defendant where Wagoner asked Smith to stop texting him on three separate occasions. The victim also alleges that there were a number of posters hung around the neighborhood that featured his face alongside images of killers from different movies. While he did not personally witness Smith hanging these posters, he states that his children noticed her vehicle in the neighborhood. Due to this, Wagoner felt he and his family were in immediate danger, so an arrest warrant was issued.

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Soldier Dakota Cox plows through gate after police lock him inside park after-hours

19-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Dakota Cox was arrested on September 11th after reportedly backing into the security gate at Billy Dunlop Park once his truck was locked in. On August 25th, a Clarksville Police Department officer drove through the park and locked the three vehicles at closing time, marking their license plate numbers on a call to dispatch. Roughly 30 minutes later, someone made a call to CPD about their car being locked in the park, and they were advised to come back in the morning due to no officers being available. This witness told CPD that the gate had been backed into with a truck by a young male, resulting in damages nearing $3,000.

After reviewing the license plates marked by the officer before closing the gate, it was determined that the only truck located at the park at the time was registered to a Kentucky address. On August 29th, a detective was able to interview the defendant, who stated that the vehicle was solely his, and he backed into the gate to get it open. Damages to the back of the truck were consistent with the marks on the gate. Due to this, a warrant was issued on Sep. 11th, and Cox was taken into custody.

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Sean Conklin, 19, says he drank at Revel House before crashing car on way home

Following reports of a hit and run, 19-year-old Sean Conklin was arrested after he reportedly admitted to drinking with his juvenile girlfriend at the Revel House near downtown Clarksville before getting into a wreck and then fleeing the scene. When Officer Keenan Driskell caught up to Conklin after the wreck at the intersection of Pembroke Place and Oak Park Drive, he stated that he was attempting to drive home, but his car stopped operating. Officers observed he smelled of alcohol and he performed poorly during the field sobriety tests. Officers also learned that Conklin was supposed to have an interlock device following history in North Carolina, but one was not in the vehicle. According to police, Conklin was drinking with his underage girlfriend at Revel House prior to the crash, which occurred at 1:42 a.m. on September 28.

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