Kenwood High School “slumped” Instagram account features principal sleeping in class

A series of unofficial Kenwood High School Instagram accounts that students use for fun and to bring awareness of things around campus have popped up this school year. There’s KHS confessions, and even KHS Damages – which is used to document all the broken things in the school.

Currently gaining the most attention, though, is KHS Slumped – which documents people slumped over or sleeping at school. While it’s mostly fun and entertaining, a student says they have captured the best picture of all. The photo, taken in early November, appears to show Kenwood High School Principal Dr. James K. Bailey asleep at a desk in a classroom while students say he was doing a teacher observation.

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Felicia Snipes charged with harassment of Courtney Shank via calls, texts, & social media

47-year-old Felicia Snipes was booked into the Montgomery County Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. The warrant, which was taken out by Courtney Shank on March 21st, alleges that Snipes has continued to contact her via calls, texts, and social media messages, despite demands to stop. The messages were reportedly of a threatening nature to both Shank and her family.

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Clarksville’s Caprigios Pizza fined $10,500 for violating child labor laws

One of Clarksville’s most popular pizza places has been given 15 days to pay a $10,500 fine for violating the state’s child labor laws. Chef Ilona, of Caprigios Pizza, says she takes full responsibility and admits some of her 15 & 16-year-old employees worked past 7 p.m. on school nights and more than the allotted hours per day.

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