Ray Duncanson charged in assault of his mother; says he “got mad” at her

Clarksville Police Officer Justin Bolden responded to a domestic-related call on Jack Miller Blvd just after 7 p.m. Monday and made contact with 22-year-old Ray Charles Duncanson and his mother, Edith Duncanson. Ray stated he got mad at his mother, threw water on her, and back her into a wall. Edith says she was holding the water when her son slapped it out of her hand then grabbed her by the shoulder, forcing her into the wall and causing her to hit her head. Ray Duncanson was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

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Patrick Landers (DJ 730) found puking in front yard after rear-ending cop car in Clarksville

27-year-old Patrick Louwayne Landers, better known in the city as DJ 730XX, rear-ended a police officer on Fort Campbell Blvd just before 4 a.m. on July 22nd and fled the scene driving a red Toyota Camry. A short distance away, as that BOLO was coming across the radio, another officer noticed the Camry with the KY tag and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Landers drove for a short distance as if looking for a place to stop, then suddenly fled at a high rate of speed.

Oak Grove Officers went to the registered address for the tag, and as they arrived, Patrick Landers was throwing up in the front yard. Officers were able to wake up the registered owner, who is Landers’ girlfriend, Checara Bailey, who stated Landers had just arrived home in the vehicle moments before. The vehicle was still warm to the touch.

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Sydney Morris refuses to leave Clarksville Waffle House; makes cops forcibly remove her

On July 23rd at 3:03 a.m., the Waffle House at 1683 Fort Campbell Blvd was temporarily shut down by officials for being a fire hazard. 26-year-old Sydney Morris refused to leave the restaurant and insisted on arguing with police orders and their authority. As she was placed into custody for disorderly conduct, she refused to walk, forcing officers to drag her to the patrol vehicle. She then resisted being placed inside the patrol car and required multiple officers to place her inside.

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DUI: Army wife crashes into tree at 5 a.m. Sunday — Ryeojin Cheon arrested

CPD Officer Justin Bolden responded to Victory Road just before 6 a.m. on February 20th, where 40-year-old Ryeojin Cheon had crashed her vehicle into a tree. She reportedly reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on all field sobriety tests. She is charged with DUI.

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Woman charged with assault of ex-girlfriend, placing her in fear — Amber Meadows arrested

30-year-old Amber Meadows was charged with the domestic assault of her ex-girlfriend, Ashley Brewer, after police say Brewer was placed in imminent fear after Meadows continued to send her threatening text messages and driving by the residence in order to intimidate her, and the prior domestic history. The incident occurred on January 20, however, it took a few days for officers to locate Meadows.

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Woman charged after making threats to harm roommate — Jazmine Jackson

25-year-old Jazmine Jackson was charged with domestic assault after police say she tossed her roommate’s belongings to the ground and texted her in an attempt to provoke her to return to the residence to physically harm her.

The victim, Kayla Vanzant, says she was in fear due to the threats.

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