Realtor Venus Owen charged in Dollar Tree assault of older couple, leaving one spit on, another bruised, per report

42-year-old Keller Williams Realtor Venus Owens was booked into the Montgomery County Jail Tuesday on two outstanding warrants, charging her with assault of a husband and wife at the Wilma Rudolph Dollar Tree on December 29th. Court records allege she left the husband bruised after he tried to intervene after she spit on his wife during an argument.

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DUI: Man charged after rollover crash, open bottle of Maker’s Mark found in vehicle — Philip Thomas

32-year-old Philip Thomas faces multiple charges after first responders pulled him from his crashed vehicle just after 9 p.m. Saturday. He rolled the 2013 GMC pickup after striking a guard rail, according to authorities, who found an open 1.75 L bottle of Maker’s Mark with only 1/4th of the whisky still in the bottle. Thomas, who had urinated on himself, told police had only had “one drink” at a friend’s house earlier.

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Leighland Fouts found “rolling around on the ground” after being bounced from Hookah 21

Clarksville Police responded to Hooka 21 on University Ave and met with security staff Ahmed Murad, who explained that 28-year-old Leighland Fouts was asked to leave the property multiple times and refused to do so. He was reportedly intoxicated to the point he was unable to stand up. Officers offered to let him find a safe ride home but soon discovered he had exited the vehicle and was rolling around on the ground.

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Man charged with ripping hair from woman’s head during assault — Kam Sing Lung

54-year-old Kam Sing Lung is charged with the assault of 31-year-old Tamesha Mae Harris, who says Lung grabbed her by the shirt and ripped some hair out of her head as she was attempting to close the door.

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Shooting at Clarksville Waffle House

At 2:55 am, The Clarksville Police Department received several calls about a shooting that occurred at the Waffle House, 1683 Ft. Campbell Blvd. When officers arrived on the scene, they located one individual with 2 gunshot wounds and he was life-flighted to Nashville. The victim appears to have been inside a car when shot, which then crashed. Witnesses report hearing at least twenty shots.

Two other people drove themselves or were dropped off at Tennova Hospital and Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH). They stated that they were at the Waffle House when the shooting occurred and their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.  The status of the individual that was life-flighted is unknown at this time.  

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Demarcus Grant charged in aggravated domestic assault of girlfriend

23-year-old Demarcus Grant is charged with the felony aggravated domestic assault of his girlfriend, Oreione Johnson, after she was able to text a friend to call the police to the scene. Police arrived to find her injured, and she explained the couple had been arguing when he struck her in the face and attempted to strangle her.

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Man charged in domestic assault of wife — Chancellor Harrison Phillips arrested

24-year-old Chancellor Harrison Phillips is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Heidi Phillips. She left the house and arrived at Clarksville Police headquarters to report the couple had been in an argument of the discipline of their 2-year-old son when she says Harrison balled his fist and aggressively stated he hoped she wasn’t pregnant, or else he would knock the baby out of her.

She recounted this is how prior assaults began so she fled the residence.

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Clarksville Police make pettiest “marijuana” arrest on residue — Cynthia Hutchins

Clarksville Police have arrested Cynthia ‘Katie’ Hutchins and charged her with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia after finding “marijuana residue” (but no actual usable marijuana), scales, and sandwich bags inside a vehicle she was briefly in with Jocqui Smith, who they had under surveillance for drug activity. She is free on a $2,500 bond.

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Man charged in assault of girlfriend then fleeing the scene — Trevor Hawkins

35-year-old Trevor Hawkins is charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend, Desirae Swarts, called 911 to report he hit her on the side of her head causing her to fall to the ground. He fled the scene before officers arrived, but a warrant was issued for his arrest after documenting the injuries of the victim, and he was booked several days later.
His bond was set at $1,000.

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Bria Gross charged in assault of boyfriend when he admits to cheating

25-year-old Bria Michelle Gross, AKA “Royal Krown” was booked into the Montgomery County Jail, charged with the assault of her boyfriend, Raylonde Bryant. Court records show Mr. Bryant admitted to talking to another female and handed Ms. Gross his phone and she viewed the texts, resulting in her jumping from the floor to the bed and assaulting him.

She admitted to the assault and is free on a $250 cash bond.

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Fentanyl found in purse of shoplifting suspect — Tiana Thorpe

Clarksville Police say they searched the purse of 27-year-old Tiana Thorpe during a shoplifting investigation at Walmart on Fort Campbell Blvd and found 3 grams of a substance that tested positive for containing fentanyl, along with a straw and baggies with residue.

Thorpe is free on a $25,000 bond.

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Dre’von Davis charged with over a pound of marijuana after failing to move over for emergency vehicle

Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Beck says he immediately noticed how badly 29-year-old Dre’von Davis’ hands were shaking as he conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle Wednesday night. A search of the white Buick would eventually reveal a backpack containing over a pound of marijuana, vape pens, and a handgun. Dre’von Davis is free on a $20,000 bond.

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Clarksville Police arrest man who calls 911 for help when ‘uncomfortable’ with responding officer — Marvin Summers

In recent years, there’s been a push for individuals to call 911 if they are in a situation with police that makes them uncomfortable – to get more eyeballs present on the situation. Clarksville Police Officer Joshua Billotte charged a man with making a “non-emergency” 911 call when he did just that, despite documenting the man was calling 911 “for help”.

He jailed the man, who received no other charges, and a commissioner gave him a $1,000 bond.

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Woman charged with harassment after repeated calls & texts — Luisa Maria Carrillo

32-year-old Luisa Maria Carrillo is charged with harassment after Erica L. Anderson says she advised Ms. Carrillo to stop contacting her, but the calls and texts continued, including calls to Ms. Anderson’s place of employment. She is free on a $250 cash bond.

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Wife forced to hit husband with vase to stop strangulation — Amarus Labee arrested

22-year-old Amarus Labeee is charged with felony aggravated domestic assault after his wife, Tyvonecha Jackson, says she had to smash him with a vase in order to escape as he strangled her during an argument about how he wasn’t properly watching their youngest child. He is free on a $2,500 bond.

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Woman charged in burglary of South Riverside Drive laundromat — Trachel Stevenson

27-year-old Trachel Stevenson was booked into the Montgomery County Jail this week on an outstanding warrant alleging she broke into a South Riverside Drive laundromat with a co-defendant and took $300 from a coin machine. Police say the incident was captured on video.

She is charged with felony burglary.

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Woman charged after making threats to harm roommate — Jazmine Jackson

25-year-old Jazmine Jackson was charged with domestic assault after police say she tossed her roommate’s belongings to the ground and texted her in an attempt to provoke her to return to the residence to physically harm her.

The victim, Kayla Vanzant, says she was in fear due to the threats.

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Man fires 6 rounds into girlfriend’s windshield — Christopher Kody Clark $85K bond

19-year-old Christopher Kody Clark faces a variety of charges after police say he shot up his girlfriend’s vehicle which he had taken without permission after she called him multiple times to return it on January 10, and when he did the two got into an argument.

Chelsie Roake says she was standing near the vehicle when he fired from the front porch, placing her in fear for her life.

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Mother faked autistic child’s death to leave him alone in a Clarksville motel — Vanessa Blanchard

In October of 2021, New Providence Middle School SRO Dwayne James contacted Vanessa Blanchard to inquire why her 12-year-old son was not at school, he was informed the child had died as the result of a seizure two days prior. The school announced the child’s death and had a fundraiser to pay for funeral expenses, which Blanchard said would be at Sykes Funeral Home. When the school contacted the funeral home to donate the money, they had no record of the family or any arrangements.

The school reached out to Blanchard again, and she explained the child’s body was at Tennova, awaiting an autopsy. Two weeks later, the child’s school-issued laptop was realized to be active at the Vacation Motor Motel.

Deputies responded to the location and found the boy in the room, but otherwise alive and well. Vanessa Blanchard admitted to leaving the child there alone and checking on him every other day, or so. Blanchard is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child, and fraud – false impression of death. She remains jailed on a $5,000 bond.

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Woman charged with harassment after repeated unwanted texts — Jamey Tingen

24-year-old Jamey Tingen is charged with harassment after Elizabeth Crockett filed a harassment complaint. An arrest warrant alleges Tingen was notified to stop contacting Crockett, yet she continued to send threatening and annoying text messages.

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